About Us

Beryl Gorbman, principal of Butler Investigations is a Washington State licensed investigator. Beryl works for attorneys, companies, and private individuals.

Her areas of expertise include:

  • Finding missing persons
  • Working on criminal cases – interviewing civilian and expert witnesses, photographing and measuring scenes, generating reports in legal format
  • Acting as intermediary between people who wish to remain anonymous
  • Doing deep background checks
  • Checking out companies
  • Researching existence of family members for inheritances
  • Researching obscure data
  • Solving human puzzles
  • Intervening in fraud situations

Beryl Gorbman has written and published two mystery novels. Both are set in the Maya region of Mexico. You can read more about the books and/or order them on Amazon.

Madrugada is about the theft of artifacts from an archaeological dig in the tiny Maya village of Yaxum. It begins with a ritualistic murder of one of the archaeologists. Characters include American expats in Merida, Yucatan, a smart woman detective from New York, the depressed State police chief and the Maya residents of Yaxum.  Available in eBooks only. Paperback to come.

2012: Deadly Awakening is a mystery concerning grisly murders in Merida Yucatan on the eve of December, 21, 2012, understood by some to be the end of the world according to Maya predictions. You will find the same heroes as the ones in Madrugada sifting their way through clues to identify the murderer. In this book, characters include people who think the world will end, people who think we will evolve to a higher consciousness, Maya villagers and strange expats.

Beryl Gorbman, WA Private Investigator, License 2101


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