We Work in SE Mexico

We Speak Spanish

This allows us to talk to officials and citizens and gain access to some records, which are not public in Mexico.

Legal Help

Our office in Merida, Yucatan handles cases involving foreign nationals. We work for American lawyers, companies and individuals.

In Mexico, you’re guilty until proven innocent, so there are lots of busy lawyers. Let us help you find a good one.

A driver involved in an injury accident may be arrested even if he isn’t at fault. He will be incarcerated until things get straightened out. Time for a lawyer!

Someone you know may have run afoul of the law in other ways in Mexico. For example, drug possession situations that are considered minor in many American states are serious infractions in Mexico. Get caught smoking marijuana and you’ll find yourself locked up. Time for a lawyer!

Or, your friend or relative may have actually committed a serious crime. He will need the best representation.

We can find lawyers that help make the best of bad situations. We specifically recommend Salvador Avila at RACabogados in Merida and Cancun. Call us for details.

Locating North Americans, Europeans and Other Foreigners

Has one of your friends or relatives dropped off the face of the earth? Are you looking for a witness in a legal case or investigation? Are you an official agency that needs to locate a suspect in Yucatan? Or does someone owe you a lot of money?

We can help.

Sometimes people think that going to a place like Yucatan is like going to the ends of the earth where no one can find them. They couldn’t be more wrong. Foreigners stand out like sore thumbs in Mexican communities if you know who to ask. We specialize in any part of the Yucatan Peninsula, including the areas of Merida, Cancun, and the Caribbean coast.

Prison Visits

A Mexican jail can be a lonely place. Families are expected to supply the prisoner with bedding, clothing and some food. Butler Investigations can visit your associate, friend, or relative in the Merida-Cancun area and bring him/her whatever you would like to send them that’s within the rules spelled out by the prison.

We can also put them in touch with a good attorney and facilitate the communication among all parties.



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